ALARA Webinar - Action Learning and Action Research for Climate Action

Friday, 28 May, 2021
Workshop in Melbourne, Australia and Zoom Webinar

The workshop aims to commence a series of research projects that will:

  • Identify successful projects conducted by or in organisations and communities that have used collaborative action learning or action research to effect climate action;
  • Gather and analyse data related to each suitable example, including the steps taken during the project;
  • Develop new projects that would be action learning or action research projects in themselves, using the information from the earlier projects to guide the way;
  • Publish a report for use in future projects, and / or a paper in an ALAR Association or other publication.

This workshop / webinar will be led by Dr Ernie Stringer, who will discuss several interesting ideas on how action research can enhance climate action, including a developmental framework for action research for social change - From Local to Global.

Dr Mary Brydon-Miller will also join us from Louisville, USA, to discuss her work and her planned 2022 Fulbright Fellowship, which will include working with Australian students on climate action.

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