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Publish Your Values-Driven Research for Systemic Change


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Publish Your Values-Driven Research for Systemic Change

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This webinar has finished. See the compilation video of the webinars here.

Several publications with a common desire to promote and publish values-driven research for systemic change, which contributes to the flourishing of humanity, are offering an opportunity at no cost for aspiring authors to gain advice on how to get their papers published.

These publications operate worldwide, accepting submissions from around the globe. They include:

Action Learning and Action Research Journal Action Learning: Research and Practice
Action Research Action Research and Innovation in Science Education
Canadian Journal of Action Research Educational Action Research Journal
Educational Journal of Living Theories Educational Research for Social Change
Forskning & Forandring (Research and Change) Journal of Work Applied Management
Systemic Practice and Action Research  

Representatives of the publications have agreed to attend a webinar where they will provide information about their journals, submission process and conditions. Participants are invited to submit a short paper (see below) for review and discussion during small group discussions with these representatives.

The webinar is a free event, but participants (irrespective of whether they are submitting a short paper or not) must register for the webinar.

Webinar Details

The webinar will be conducted twice to enable authors and other interested people to attend from around the world. Participants will attend only one webinar.

Session 1 Date: Tuesday 28 September 2021


  • Midnight Western USA
  • 8.00 am UK
  • 9.00 am Central Europe / South Africa
  • 5.00 pm Eastern Australia
  • 8.00 pm New Zealand

Session 2 Date: Tuesday 28 September 2021


  • 2.00 pm Western USA
  • 5.00 pm Eastern USA
  • 10.00 pm UK
  • 11.00 pm Central Europe / South Africa
  • 7.00 am (29 September) Eastern Australia
  • 10.00 am (29 September) New Zealand

* Times for the webinars are as stated above, but please check the time for your location.

Participants Invited to Submit Outlines

In addition to discussing the various publications, representatives of the publications will discuss a small number of summary papers or outlines submitted by participants to the webinar.

Participants therefore are invited to submit a brief paper (please do not submit a full paper - see below for description of the possible format).

Before submitting a paper, authors are strongly encouraged to:

  • Review the individual publications to understand their scopes and intended audiences (use the links above, or the short descriptions and links on the ALARA website -
  • Read examples of the articles in the publications the authors are considering submitting a paper, to gain insight into the types of papers accepted in those publications
  • Prepare a submission in a format that is likely to be acceptable to the publications to which the authors are considering submitting a paper, and which will appeal to the audiences of those publications
  • Proof-read the submission and then ask a trusted friend to proof-read it

Some publications prefer a formal paper submission, while other publications will accept a variety of formats. The format of the submission will be indicated by the information about submissions on the publications’ websites, and the structure of the articles published in the publications.

The submission must not exceed 1,000 words (about two pages of regular, 11 pt type). The choice of the format of the submission is up to the authors submitting the paper. Examples of the format include:

  • 250 word abstract, list showing the structure (the headings) for the entire paper, and a 250-500 word conclusion
  • An extended abstract of about two pages reflecting the structure of the paper
  • Academic poster

In all cases, the authors must include a bullet-point list (1 to 3 points) at the end (included within the content of the submission) of what they want the readers of their papers to know (take-away) from reading it.

Authors can submit a paper (one only) when registering for the webinar.


If authors wish to submit a paper, they must register and submit their paper by 6 September 2021. Participants who do not wish to submit a paper must register by 15 September 2021. Further details and registration are available here - Registrations are closed.

When registering, participants will be asked to agree to the webinar being recorded and to provide basic contact information including the email address to which they will be sent the link to the webinar. This information will be retained for the purpose of contacting the participants about the webinar and will be provided to the representatives of the publications involved in the webinar, but to no other parties. Participants will also be asked to indicate the journals to which they would consider submitting a paper.


The various publications are united in making public valid knowledge created through values-driven research for systemic change, which contributes to the flourishing of humanity. There are many genres of such research, but all exhibit and have core values such as respect, equity, quality, democracy, love and care. The research is for and as social change, with that change beginning with self, and is always participatory, of self and / or of others – with the researchers also being the researched.

Why should academics and practitioners publish?

All researchers need to test their knowledge claims in an academic, intellectual and rigorous way. By preparing a paper to submit, researchers first test the validity of the knowledge they are offering by reviewing their own paper using the methods the journals’ reviewers will use. By submitting their paper, they test the validity of the knowledge with peers and contribute to world knowledge, which is part of the researcher’s responsibility as a human being.

Purpose of the webinars

To encourage those engaged in values-driven research for systemic change, which contributes to the flourishing of humanity, to make public the knowledge generated by publishing in one of our journals.

Questions? Please contact us.

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