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Other ALARA Publications Submission Guidelines

In general, the submission guidelines for other publications follow the ALARj submission guidelines, except that the communication may not be via the OJS site. Other publications include publications of conference or Congress papers, for example. Unless instructions to the contrary exist for the particular conference or Congress, submissions should be made directly to the Editor (editor [at], clearly indicating the preference for consideration for publication in the conference or Congress Proceedings publication.

Publication of other materials, such as posters, slides or videos are also possible on the Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) website (or its YouTube channel). Interested parties should contact the Editor to discuss these types of publications.

Where ALARA members and their associates wish to produce publications from ALARA conferences or workshops, interested parties must first contact the Editor. In many instances, pre-existing agreements regarding publication rights exist and cannot be ignored in the event of other interested parties wishing to publish. In the event of there being an interest to produce a publication outside of ALARA’s publication responsibilities, the opportunities will be discussed at ALARA Management Committee level and the decision communicated to the interested parties.

By submitting a paper for publication by ALARA, the author(s) are agreeing to ALARA's guidelines on copyright and authors' copies.