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Action Learning and Action Research for Climate Action


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Webinar Postponed - New Date to be announced

ALAR Association Workshop / Webinar

Action Learning / Action Research for Climate Action
How can Action Learning / Action Research enhance climate action?

Presenters: Dr Ernie Stringer and Dr Mary Brydon-Miller

Location: The workshop will be conducted in the Richmond Library in Melbourne, Australia, and simultaneously broadcast as a webinar by Action Learning, Acton Research Association (ALAR Association). Participants may choose to attend the workshop or join in the webinar (or view the recorded webinar at a later time).

Date and Time: To be advised

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Registrations for this Workshop / Webinar will open after the new date is announced


The world has begun to realise that it must act now to prevent catastrophic damage from climate change. The world's governments are beginning to say they want to take action, although signs of that action are patchy. Individuals and organisations are taking steps, well in advance of their countries’ governments. They are the ones that will drive cultural change (at organisational, community and country levels) and physical change.

How can action learning and action research assist in the process of climate action and extend and enhance the efforts of those already undertaking climate action? What is being done in climate action using collaborative / participative methods such as action learning and action research, and what further could be done? Can ALAR Association's members and volunteers support future climate action initiatives?

This workshop / webinar will be led by Dr Ernie Stringer, who has just released a revised version of his book Action Research (co-authored with Dr Alfredo Ortiz Aragon) **. Ernie will discuss several interesting ideas on how action research can enhance climate action, including a developmental framework for action research for social change - From Local to Global.
** Participants will be offered a discount on this revised edition from Booktopia.

Dr Mary Brydon-Miller will also join us from Louisville, USA, to discuss her work and her planned 2022 Fulbright Fellowship, which will include working with Australian students on climate action.

The workshop aims to commence a series of research projects that will:

  • Identify successful projects conducted by or in organisations and communities that have used collaborative action learning or action research to effect climate action;
  • Gather and analyse data related to each suitable example, including the steps taken during the project;
  • Develop new projects that would be action learning or action research projects in themselves, using the information from the earlier projects to guide the way;
  • Publish a report for use in future projects, and / or a paper in an ALAR Association or other publication.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop / webinar is for:

  • People interested in leading action research in climate action
  • People and Agencies interested in collaborative climate action
  • People currently working in climate action wanting to connect to and work with others in collaborative climate action

About the Presenters

Dr Ernie Stringer

After an early career as a primary teacher and school principal, Ernie was a lecturer in education at Curtin University, in Western Australia. From the mid-1980s, based at Curtin’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies, he worked collaboratively with Aboriginal staff and community people to develop innovative and highly successful education and community development programs and services. In recent years, as visiting professor at the University of New Mexico and Texas A&M University and as visiting scholar at Cornell University, he taught research methods courses and/or engaged in projects with African American, Hispanic and other community and neighbourhood groups. As a UNICEF consultant, he recently engaged in a major project to increase parent participation in schools in East Timor. He is a past president of Action Learning, Action Research Association.

Dr Mary Brydon-Miller

Mary Brydon-Miller, Ph.D. is Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation, and Organizational Development in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville. She is a participatory action researcher who conducts work in both school, organization, and community settings. She is the editor, with David Coghlan, of the SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research (2014). Her most recent book with Sarah Banks is Ethics in Participatory Research for Health and Social Well-Being: Cases and Commentaries. She is currently working on an international middle-school citizen science project focused on global climate change education.

Estimated times for webinar, but please check the time for your location).

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Eastern Americas     Western Americas  

* The workshop / webinar will be recorded. Those wishing to view the recording can contact ALARA.

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