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Thesis Research Notes

Action Learning, Action Research Association (ALAR Association) invites Thesis Research Notes (TRNs) to be submitted to the Action Learning and Action Research Journal. A TRN is an informative paper that directly refers to and links to the author’s thesis to ‘whet the reader’s appetite’ to consider downloading and reading it as well as to gain an appreciation of the Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidate’s research journey, motivation to choose the research topic, maintain interest in the many years taken to complete the research, and university’s support.

The purpose of the TRN is that:

  • Academics get early exposure to the work, given that most recent theses will have several if not many papers but these fade out over the years;
  • Supervisors of HDR candidates (Master and Ph.D.) get an idea of what is currently happening in terms of trends and topics, as will the general readership of ALAR Journal;
  • Candidates and potential candidates get an idea of what are the motives and characteristics of their fellow travellers along this fantastic journey; and
  • The TRN should provide an engaging account that offers the reader with a better understanding of what makes a HDR candidate ‘tick’ and what seems like a good topic, and how it was tackled, and recognition that its contribution is about understanding how the field of Action Learning / Action Research (AL/AR) is evolving.

More information about the TRNs can be found in the article introducing them in the ALAR Journal - Vol. 27 No 2.

If you wish to submit a TRN for consideration for publication in the ALARj, please look at the submission guidelines for the ALAR Journal. You can email the Editor to discuss the arrangements.


ALAR Association wishes to acknowledge the help provided by Emeritus Professor Derek Walker at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, who started the idea of publishing Thesis Research Notes for the Journal International Journal of Managing Projects in Business published by Emerald when he was its Chief Editor.