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Copyright information and ALARA publication terms and conditions

In submitting and having your work accepted for publication in Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) publications, you agree to these copyright and publication terms and conditions.

Background and rationale. ALARA publishes works via a bi-annual journal, an occasional monograph series, occasional other publications, webinars and video recordings, and its websites. ALARA retains copyright of published works, to ensure that

  1. authors' works are protected, and
  2. authors can benefit from the administration of copyright fees by ALARA, as a registered member of Copyright Agency Limited (CAL).

ALARA does not retain these rights exclusively, and authors are entitled to republish the Article in a printed or electronic collection without charge as long as they ensure that the original ALARA publication is properly credited, and they notify the ALARA Editor of their intent to do so. We like to keep in touch with authors to continue building the AR/AL network of researchers, practitioners and writers, existing and new.

Copyright and authors' works. If you are a current financial member of ALARA, you are entitled, as the author, to 50% of any copyright monies collected as a result of the identified reprint and/or redistribution of your work in the following circumstances.

  1. The published work is an original work submitted to and published in an ALARA publication
  2. The copyright monies are directly attributed to your works and are not general copyright monies for a publication with several works by several authors.

ALARA will

  • manage the communication and referral of any requests for reprinting and/or redistribution of your work,
  • endorse the copyright process herein through its Executive Committee,
  • administer the copyright licensing and fees or monies associated with it, and
  • notify you, the author, of any monies to which you are entitled, as a result of reprinting and/or redistribution requests, at 50% of the total amount, shared with ALARA

Further reading: Copyright Agency Limited (CAL), Australia

All ALARA publications are registered with the National Library of Australia.

See also Author copies

By submitting a paper for publication by ALARA, the author(s) are agreeing to ALARA's guidelines on copyright and authors' copies.