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Author Copies

Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) is a voluntary professional organisation. All costs associated with maintaining services are met solely through voluntary member contributions, membership fees and earnings from ALARA-sponsored events.

As a general rule, ALARA does not have the resources to subsidise complementary copies of its publications for all authors. A printed copy is generally posted to each author group.

With regard to the ALAR Journal, however, whether they are an ALARA member or not, authors have access to the electronic issue in which their article appears free of charge, via the Online Journal Service website for a period of 6 months following publication. When the next issue is due, if the author has become an ALARA member, access will continue; if not, the author will no longer have access to the issue free of charge. Authors of articles can also purchase a printed copy of the ALAR Journal in which their articles appear at a special discount rate for an agreed period of time (usually one month from publication), by emailing admin [at], as arranged at the time of the publication. The Editor of the issue of the ALAR Journal will notify authors of the process for making this reduced priced purchase.

Authors of Monographs receive a complimentary copy of the printed Monograph publication.

Authors of books or collections of conference or congress papers do not receive complementary copies but can purchase the publication at special discount rates for an agreed period of time, as arranged at the time of the publication by the ALARA Board.