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Results of the ALARA 2022 Annual General Meeting

Hello ALARA Member

The ALAR Association 2022 Annual General Meeting has ended with a total of 10 attendees at the meeting.

All motions were passed, but several positions remain vacant, including the role of Treasurer, due to the resignation of incumbent as his (paid) workload greatly increased.

Further information about the results of the meeting are available in the 2022 AGM Minutes (which are subject to confirmation at the 2023 AGM).

Reminder - ALARA AGM Ends This Weekend

Hello ALARA member

This is a quick reminder that the ALARA Annual General Meeting closes this weekend. Please participate in the management of ALARA by joining the AGM to ensure we have a quorum.

The electronic AGM ends at Noon on Saturday 12 November. Members wishing to join the video conference part of the AGM, to be held at 9:00 am Sunday 13 November, must register by 9:00 am on Saturday 12 November (all times are Eastern Australian Summer Time).

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