A Conversation with Richard Teare Global University for Lifelong Learning

Thursday, 20 September, 2018
Restaurant, Yeronga Village, 15 Cansdale St, Yeronga Qld 4104


ALARA presents
 A Conversation with Richard Teare, Global University for Lifelong Learning Can academic and community-based learning co-exist?


Why is it that in the 21stcentury, the place where a person is born stilldetermines their life chance? Since 2007, the Global University for Lifelong learning (GULL) has been refining a practical, networkable system that focuses on the needs of the many who would like to develop themselves but face barriers in accessing traditional forms of education. 

To begin our conversation, I will briefly profile the scale and principal features of the access problem and then outline how in response, lifelong action learning (LAL) can be provided to those who are traditionally excluded – the low paid, the marginalized and the millions of people who are living in poverty. The suitability and adaptability of LAL to different cultures and contexts in the community and the workplace is exemplified by a case study analysis of GULL’s work over the past ten years and by earlier experience with corporate workplace applications. 

I hope that this will stimulate further discussion about whether locally-led and self-funded LAL networks could offer a cost effective solution to the problem and enable an array of different agencies (including universities) to help facilitate the creation of a more equitable, inclusive and global paradigm for learning.

Richard Teare, PhD, is co-founder and president, Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL http://www.gullonline.org), and lives in Oxfordshire, UK. 

GULL is a non-profit network movement that works with other organizations to facilitate self-help in communities and the workplace. Earlier, Richard held professorships at four UK universities and he is currently an adjunct professor, Caribbean Maritime University, Jamaica. Richard has been an Emerald journal editor for more than 30 years and his academic publications include 23 authored, co-authored and edited books on aspects of community development, service management and organizational learning. Among these, he is the author of Lifelong Action Learning: A Journey of Discover and Celebration at Work and in the Community(Amazon, 2018) and co-author of Lifelong Action Learning for Community Development(Sense, 2013) and Designing Inclusive Pathways with Young Adults(Sense, 2015) the first and second in a series of books about GULL’s work with communities.

When:        Thursday, 20 September 2018, 5.30 – 8.00 pm

Parking:    Cansdale St or Vennor Rd

Cost:        Free, sponsored by the Village Management, including room and refreshments.  BYO drinks

R.S.V.P.    Please email or text Wilma Schouten on 0409 561 601 or wilmaschouten7@gmail.com

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