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Conversation with Mary Brydon-Miller Registration

Thank you for wishing to attend the webinar: A Conversation with Mary Brydon-Miller at 11.00 am on 18 September 2022 (Eastern Australia Time).

To attend the webinar please complete the registration details below.

You will receive an email the day before the webinar with the Zoom details. Please ensure you use the email address and name that you registered when you open the Zoom link.

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    • Action Learning, Action Research Association cannot guarantee transmission of the webinar to that equipment's location, and cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from disconnection of the transmission at that location,
  • You understand and agree that the webinar will be recorded and that the images, voices and actions of all participants attending may be recorded,
  • You understand and agree that Action Learning, Action Research Association may use the recordings of the webinar to educate and support people interested in action learning, action research and may make the recordings available to the general public via the internet at any time,
  • You agree to Action Learning, Action Research Association providing your given name, family name, institution / organisation, email address and country in a list of participants for this webinar that it distributes to the presenters involved in organizing this webinar,
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