Action Learning Workshop

Thursday, 12 September, 2019

Action Learning Workshop with Bob Dick in Brisbane, Australia, 12-13 September

An action learning set -- that is, an action learning project team -- can achieve multiple outcomes. It can design and implement complex projects. As it does so, its team members can improve their skills in decision making, problem solving, planning and implementation. Increasingly, these are skills of relevance to team leaders and team members in modern organisations.

Multiple action learning sets can be part of an action learning program. The sets are in effect a seed bed in which participants can practise new ways of acting. The result can be a valuable contribution to organisational culture change.

The "action learning" workshop in Brisbane on 12-13 September will introduce people to the use of action learning projects and programs. Both skills and understanding will be addressed. There will be opportunities for practise. The facilitator is Bob Dick, who draws on over four decades of experience in the use of action research and action learning.

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