Conferences and World Congresses

Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) and its predecessors have conducted ten World Congresses and twenty-three Australasian Conferences since 1990. The tables on the linked pages list the details of those events, however, some of the information in the tables is incomplete. If you can provide copies of brochures, booklets, programs, etc, please contact ALARA at admin [at]

Learning Conferences

Members of the ALARA Brisbane Group have created a short video about the benefits and experience of attending an ALARA conference. It is available on ALARA's YouTube channel.

ALARA Australasian Conferences

ALARA World Congresses on Action Learning and Action Research (in later years, in conjunction with the PAR World Congresses)

ALARA WC video

There is also a video about the ALARA 2010 World Congress that provides information about the way these World Congresses bring people together to discuss and learn from each other.


Other Events in Queensland, Australia

Other Events in other Australian States

The consistent feedback delegates give after an ALARA conference is the friendliness and openness of delegates - their willingness to discuss with anyone and everyone about lessons learned and personal experiences during an Action Learning or Action Research project.

Have you considered coming to an ALARA event? Or, asking us to help you organize an AL / AR event in your city? See the News and Events pages for future events, or contact us via admin [at]