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EventsALARA Conferences and World Congresses

ALARA and its predecessors have conducted eight World Congresses and twenty Australasian Conferences since 1990.

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Learning Conferences

Members of the ALARA Brisbane Group have created a short video about the benefits and experience of attending an ALARA conference. It is available on ALARA's YouTube channel.

World Congresses

No. Year Dates Country Location Convenor / Co-ordinator Co-Host Title Keynote
1 1990   Australia Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt Australian Institute of Training and Development Action Learning for Improved Performance Reg Revans, John Elliott, Sheila Harri-Augstein, Laurie Thomas
2 1992 14 - 17 July Australia St John's College, University of Queensland, Brisbane Patricia Weeks Queensland University of Technology Transforming Tomorrow Today Second World Congress on Action Learning: Reflecting the philosophy of collaborative change in government, industry, education and the community Peter Checkland, Bob Dick, Tim Dalmau, Orlando Fals Borda, Brian Hall, Robin McTaggart, Yoland Wadsworth
3 1994 6 - 9 July United Kingdom University of Bath, Bath Pam Lomax, Jack Whitehead University of Bath Accounting for Ourselves World Congress 3 on Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management Pam Lomax, Jack Whitehead, Orlando Fals-Borda
4 1997 July Colombia Cartagena Orlando Fals Borda In conjunction with the 8th PAR World Congress Convergence in Knowledge, Space and Time Immanuel Wallerstein, Manfred Max-Neef, Agnes Heller, Marja Liisa Swantz, Rajesh Tandon, Robert Chambers, Robert L. Flood, Robin McTaggart, Ted Jackson, Rodolfo Stavenhagen, Anibal Quijano, Peter Reason, Budd Hall, Anisur Rahman, Eduardo Galeano. (Paolo Freire was to be lead keynote but died two months before the World Congress)
No. Year Dates Country Location Convenor / Co-ordinator Co-Host Title Keynote
5 2000 10 - 13 September Australia Ballarat Stephen Kemmis University of Ballarat Reconciliation & Renewal - Through Collaborative Learning, Research and Action - 5th ALARPM & 9th PAR World Congress John Gaventa, Evelyn Scott, Susan Weil, Patricia Maguire, Bob Macadam, Susan Goff, Yvonna Lincoln, Martin von Hildebrand, Vijay Kanhere, Susan Noffke, Robert Flood, Mandawuy Yunupingu, Anisur Rahman, Victoria Marsick, Isaac Prilleltensky, Robert Chambers, Deborah Lange
6 2003 21 - 24 September South Africa University of Pretoria, Pretoria Tessie Herbst University of Pretoria Learning Partners in Action - 6th ALARPM & 10th PAR World Congress Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Thomas Kalliath, Peter Reason, Cheryl de la Rey, Susan Weil, Danny Burns, Ineke Buskens, Richard Bawden, Tim Dalmau
7 2006 21 - 24 August The Netherlands Groningen Ben Boog   Standards and Ethics in Participatory Research - 7th ALARPM & 11th PAR World Congress Ben Valkenburg, Yoland Wadsworth, Judi Marshall, Michiel Schoemaker, Øyvind Pålshaugen, Sandra Schruijer, Naomi Scheman, Julia Preece
8 2010 6 - 9 September Australia Bayview Eden, Melbourne Jacques Boulet Borderlands Oases Participatory Action Research and Action Learning 8th World Congress and 12th PAR World Congress: Appreciating our Diverse Pasts, Comprehending our Complex Presents, Prefiguring our Possible Futures Alan Rayner, Budd Hall, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Yoland Wadsworth
No. Year Dates Country Location Convenor / Co-ordinator Co-Host Title Keynote
9 2015 4 - 7 November South Africa St. George Hotel and Conference Centre, Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa Lesley Wood North-West University and National Research Foundation, South Africa Collaborative and Sustainable Learning for a Fairer World: Rhetoric or Reality? - 9th ALARPM & 13th PAR World Congress Richard Teare, Danny Burns, Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt

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No. Year Dates Country Location Co-Host Title
1 1995 25 September Australia University of Technology, Sydney University of Technology, Sydney Y Not Ask
2 1995 30 November Australia Adelaide Australian Institute of Training and Development, Australian Human Resources Institute, and Australian Quality Council Best Practice: An Action Learning Approach
3 1996 25 - 26 October Singapore   Singapore Institute of Management Developing the Learning Organisation through Action Learning and Action Research
4 1997   Australia Brisbane   Action for a Better World: Practitioner Development Conference
5 1997   Singapore     Building a Learning Organisation through AL & AR
6 1998 12 - 13 July Australia Bardon Conference Centre, Brisbane   Solutions Outside the Square: Action Learning and Action Research for a Better World
7 1999 4 - 5 July Australia Bardon Conference Centre, Brisbane   Success in a Complex and Uncertain World
8 1999   Australia Sydney   Translations of Action Learning and Action Research
9 2001   Australia Brisbane   Different Journeys
10 2002   Australia Melbourne   Research-in-Action Symposium
11 2002   Australia Brisbane   Confronting the Gaps
12 2003   Australia Gold Coast, Queensland   Surfing the Winds of Change
13 2004 17 - 18 July Australia Kormilda College, Darwin   Action in the Top End - The Power of Story
14 2005 30 September - 2 October Australia University of Technology, Sydney   Telling our Stories
15 2006   Australia Brisbane   Invigorating the politics of participation
No. Year Dates Country Location Co-Host Title
16 2007 9 - 10 August Australia Tauondi College, Adelaide Team SA, Tauondi College Moving Forward Together; Enhancing the Wellbeing of People and Communities through Action Research and Action Learning
17 2008 11 - 12 September Australia Canberra Institute of Technology Centre of Excellence, Canberra Institute of Technology The Whole Person: Sustainable Futures in Living, Learning and Working
18 2009 18 - 19 September Australia Melbourne Borderlands Cooperative, Oases Learning Living Differently: Action Researching Our Way through the Ecological and Economic Meltdown
19 2011 26 - 27 September Australia Riverglenn, Brisbane   Action & Change: Creative Responses to New Challenges
20 2012 2 - 5 September Australia Sebel Hotel, Sydney   Achieving Sustainable Outcomes through Dialogue and Engagement – The Best from Action Learning and Action Research
21 2013 23 - 24 September Australia Riverglenn, Brisbane   Creating a Better World
22 2014 7 - 12 November Australia SilverWattle, Bungendore, NSW CultureShift Pty Ltd Starting from Here: Self Determination as Functional Reform

Other Events

ALARA has held a range of smaller events over the years. Examples include the following.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - "ALARA Conversations"

  • 29 October 2015   A Conversation with Marcus Foth, Jared Donovan, and Jaz Choi: Participatory Design and Action Research: Identical Twins or Synergetic Pair?
  • 3 September 2015   A Conversation with Dr Ron Passfield: Organisation Action Research: A Cultural Framework for Intervention
  • 23 July 2015   A Conversation with Lou De Castro Myles: Enterprising Skills in Human Capital Development: Local Action, Global Impact - Working with Bhutan
  • 16 April 2015   A Conversation with Dr Kay Distel: Family Constellations: a process to solve elusive conflicts
  • 12 February 2015   A Conversation with Bob Dick: Scenario Planning: Preparing for an unpredictable future
  • 23 October 2014   A Conversation with Dr Margaret Fletcher: Why action research works: A neuroscientific perspective
  • 10 July 2014   Anita Cochrane: Using Action Research Methodologies to Develop a More Effective Approach to Weight Management
  • 5 June 2014   A Conversation with Margaret Fletcher, Judith Kearney and Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt: Professional Learning through Critical Reflection: Towards a new vision of action research
  • 10 April 2014   Kay Distel: The Elusive Other: A self-study action research project with diverse learners in Higher Education
  • 20 February 2014   A Conversation with Pieter Reijneveld: Change within Organizations - Action Learning and Action Research processes are used in large scale interventions, but how can we promote them within SMEs?
  • 7 March 2013   A Conversation with Ian Hunter and Mary Sayer: We need to talk about death!
  • 22 November 2012   A Conversation with Cathryn Lloyd: City of Thought – community building through co-developing an architectural model
  • 22 March 2012   A Conversation with Gina Blackberry: Turning Teachers On (to ICT) A metacognitive approach to developing agency with ICT
  • 9 November 2011   A Conversation with Greg Nathan: Leading in the Field

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

  • 22 September 2008   South Australia Spring Workshop: Moving forward together: the journey continues


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